Xbox 360 Repair Center Might Be No Longer A Viable Choice

Recent reports show that the number of defective Xbox 360 units up to one third of all units produced. Most of these units are suffering, that many of them as “3 red lights misfortune.” For many of us, the metaphor a little exaggerated, but for the Xbox 360-user which is more than a metaphor – it is a threat, all fear. The problem is not that the 3 fire tragedy: the sudden death of the console, but that most repair center refusing admitted for the repair of consoles that allow such behavior. This can be explained by the large number of faulty (more than can repair centers) and also by the fact that in some cases, the damage is irreparable.

The 3 misfortune lights are a design flaw by the motherboard, the Xbox 360 will also include a system overheating. Although the cause has been identified, and there are already some patches that are easy to resolve many difficulties and the money, the repair center display prices. Given the very large number of defective Xbox 360S, you can not really accuse these subcontractors.

Micro Mart, one of the centers of repair, has recently issued a statement that: “This problem is endemic on the Xbox 360 console and that has to repair non-viable.” The company has revealed that the cost of repairing the 3rd Lights misfortune was more than $ 200 and even then, the problem can not be satisfactory. Micro Mart is just one of many Xbox 360 repair centers are no longer that these units for repair. One solution for the user seems to be that anyone would have imagined.

Xbox repair centers are still the consoles with other problems, but for the unfortunate victims of the 3rd Traffic lights accident repair centers are not always a viable solution. Some of the centers also reject the repair, Xbox 360, are still under warranty (repair is free for users, but too expensive for subcontractors).

Set the battery of consoles, must return to Microsoft that the company hard to find new resources repair. What is surprising that the Xbox 360 does not lose its popularity, even though in terms of publicity and this is a service of Microsoft products never sloths. It is obvious that the players are not easily discouraged.

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